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Administering a small healthcare practice is both time-consuming and challenging

In order to thrive, small healthcare practices need to manage administrative functions with fewer staff and with less opportunity to hire specialist resources.  Larger practices and hospital organizations can leverage resources that are shared across more providers, enabling a more practical and manageable cost structure.  In particular, revenue cycle management activities represent a significant strain on resources yet are absolutely critical to a successful practice.  If you are a small practice that serves patients with 1-3 providers, we recognize the challenge of maintaining appropriate staff expertise and focus on revenue cycle activities.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can complement your staff with a shared, specialist resource capability that extends your team.  It is not a coincidence that our company name begins with the letters A-R.  Let us focus on improving the profile of your accounts receivable and ensuring that you have a steady, dependable cash flow so that your team can focus more energy on caring for your patients.

Image by Bruno Rodrigues

Arcrue was founded on the notion that medical and dental practitioners spend many years learning how to diagnose and treat patients.  Many are not passionate about running a business, though that is exactly what medical and dental practices are.  In fact, they are challenging businesses to operate, constrained by regulatory policies and reliant on successful navigation of the complex procedures of public and private insurance payers for the bulk of their revenues.  In what other business is it so challenging to get paid for services rendered?  Our goal is to partner with practitioners to complement their staff, reduce their burden of business administration, and deliver steady and dependable cash flows that enable them to follow their passion and focus more energy on their patients' care and experiences.

- Dan Lyman, Owner and Founder

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