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Patient Engagement


Patients today expect rich commercial experiences and they want options to engage in virtual channels, consistent with their experiences in modern retail. Your practice's opportunity to acquire new and retain existing patients relies not just on your clinical care and expertise, but also on how simple it is for them to engage and conduct commerce with your practice. We work with partners to ensure that our small practice clients can offer their patients experiences that are competitive with larger enterprise healthcare organizations. From setting appointments to uploading documentation and demographic information, reviewing lab results and prescriptions, paying off their balances, and accessing health information resources, we are able to offer web-based solutions that can be accessed across fixed and mobile electronic platforms. Giving patients self-service flexibility increases their satisfaction and engagement with your practice while reducing administrative burdens, freeing your staff to focus on providing quality care and experiences when your clients present for treatment. These conditions lead to positive outcomes for your patients, repeat clients, and patient referrals that lead to growth in your practice.

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